Welcome to Stiller Guangzhou

More casual than Taian Table, though still sophisticated, Stiller had a six-year run in Shanghai beginning in 2008 founded by Chef Stefan Stiller, then arrived in Guangzhou at the Garden Hotel in 2021. The restaurant received the recognition of one Michelin Star after just one-year of operation.

The food takes its cues from Chef Stiller’s contemporary European concept with a distinctive German touch, which is designed to be shared and savored amongst friends and family. Chef Stiller and his team have been sourcing the best quality ingredients both overseas and locally, and put effort into applying the concept of sustainability, yet accessible luxury to encourage a fun and joyful dining experience.

The Stiller Bar’s exceptional cocktail menu was crafted in collaboration with the esteemed mixologists at Hope & Sesame, resulting in a truly unique and expertly-crafted drinking experience.